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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Holiday Inn Resort® Baruna Bali is proud to foster a supportive community. From supporting one another to supporting the community outside our gates, we are committed to donating our time, skills, knowledge, and money. While we'd like to support every part of our community in Bali, we have a few groups in particular Holiday Inn Resort® Baruna Bali is proud to support:



Muntigunung region of Bali is situated on the arid, north east coast of the island. The population of this region numbers around 5,500 and they are the poorest of Bali's inhabitants, with little rain, no fresh water supply, no education, no health facilities and the women reduced to begging on Bali's streets. 

Verein Zukunft für Kinder (Future for Children) is a Swiss NPO mobilizing funding in Switzerland towards implementing a development program in Muntigunung focusing on water supply and livelihood development, including income generating programs such as growing rosella flowers for tea and candies, growing and supplying cashew nuts and making lontar palm leave handicrafts.

By using products from Muntigunung, Holiday Inn Resort® Baruna Bali is committed to support sustainable development within the Bali community and improving the lives of the residents of Muntigunung.

If you would like to support the villagers you can explore the area around Muntigunung, Future for Children offers a spectacular mountain trek through the region, where you can explore and enjoy breathtaking views of this nearly untouched part of the island. You will be accompanied by an experienced local guide plus a woman guide from Muntigunung and the funds from the trekking go directly back to the villages in the area as support. Alternatively, we offer a range of their products for sale at The Shop (there is no profit for the hotel; 100% of the proceeds from these products goes back to the Muntigunung livelihood programs).

For further information about the Muntigunung programs and if you would like to take part in the trekking, please contact one of our friendly Guest Relation Officers at the Resort Hub.    


Tri Hita Karana (THK) is the life concept of Balinese community in accomplishing secular and spiritual bliss through harmonization of the relationship between humans and God (parhyangan), human and human (pawongan), and human and environment (palemahan) into an integral unity. This concept originates from the teachings of Hindu Religion, but THK principles contain universal values.

The award indicated that Holiday Inn Baruna Bali had become resort applying the THK concept. The resort had maintained well and sustain-ably the entire sanctums existing around the property, the concord and familial relationship of the management to local traders as well as tourists and environmental preservation in order to create a comfort all the times

On that account, aside from arranging the management, the resort also consistently arranged the environmental area by improving the supporting infrastructure. For example, the resort carried out reforestation by planting rare vegetation, beautifying the surrounding beach, repairing sidewalks, improving sanitation and installing CCTVs. Then, the resort also paid great attention to the improvement of the quality of human resources by providing insight about the team togetherness.

COLLABORATION WITH Turtle Conservation & Education Centre 

Holiday Inn Resort® Baruna Bali invites in-house guests to participate in the baby sea turtles release on the beach behind the hotel. The in-house group will name their adopted turtle and then release in onto the open ocean. 

Turtle release ceremony is organized in cooperation with the Turtle Conservation & Education Centre on the island of Serangan, it is the conservation of sea turtles on the island of Bali which is supported by WWF.

This eco-themed activity organized by Holiday Inn Resort® Baruna Bali, where hotel guests get to enjoy and participate in preserving natural environment, such as the turtles. The event also acts as the manifestation of the "Palemahan", one of the three pillars of life concept in Hinduism to maintain a harmonious relationship between human beings with the surrounding environment.

Serangan is a small island lying just off Bali 's southern coast near Sanur or some 7 km from downtown Denpasar or about 3 km from the Bypass Ngurah Rai Sreet . It has an area of only 180 acres and a population of about 2,500, and is known principally for its turtles and one of Bali 's six most sacred temples Pura Sakenan.

Serangan is too dry for wet rice farming, but its residents grow corn, maize, peanuts and beans. Some islanders earn a living making shell trinkets to sell to the tourists who come here in ever increasing numbers. But the trade in another distinctive item is even more crucial to the local economy.

The sea turtles which give Serangan its popular name are not found swimming picture squely under ocean cliffs - here they are caught and sold as food. People in the Denpasar area are fond of turtle meat, especially on festival days. Serangan residents make a living capturing and wholesaling the creatures, also buying them from fishermen from islands to the east.


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